Premier Property Management, LLC, is a unique property management firm located in northern Rhode Island, serving Southern New England. We better understand the needs of real estate investors because we are investors ourselves! We decided to self-manage our own growing portfolios of properties because we never felt that conventional property management companies truly had our best interests in mind.

Our focus is to help you maximize your Net Operating Income. With that goal in mind, we created a property management company that better aligned your interests as an investor with our compensation as your property manager. For example, we know that vacancies can have a severe negative impact on your Net Operating Income and that your cash flow during a vacancy can be really tight. So why should you have to pay an additional fee to your management company to rent an apartment when your cash flow is already suffering? Additionally, the management company has little incentive to rent your apartment quickly because they know that eventually they will be paid a large fee to do so.

We take a completely different approach. We treat vacancies as virtual emergencies. Our goal is zero percent vacancy because we don’t charge any leasing fees. In other words, we get paid more as your property manager when your properties perform at an optimal level. We take a much more fiduciary approach to property management and investors are recognizing this monumental change.

Join us as we revolutionize the property management industry. We will conduct a free Cash Flow Analysis of any property or portfolio you own. We will show you exactly how we can make you more profitable with a transition to Premier Property Management, LLC.